TMTPLAY is the best legit casino in the Philippines

As long as you are an online casino player, we definitely know TMTPLAY. We are a few legal casinos, the games at our site are also of top quality, remaining high rating reviews from players.

This is our honor to offer you the best games in the market. Any games you play here are genuine and legal. We have thousands of games for you, this is the best place to play for real money, enjoy your favorite games to the fullest, and experience the pleasure TMTPLAY brought.

Fast register / log in TMTPLAY

Easy register steps, 2 steps will only take you 30 seconds. Register and log in right away to play!

Step 1—Log in or sign up
Go to the home page, if you already have an account, click “Login,” if you don’t have an account, click “Sign up.”

Step 2 – Fill in basic account information
1. User name: 4~10 letter/number starting from an English letter.
2. Password: 4~10 letter/number you will need to confirm it twice.
3. Invitation code: Enter your invitation code, if you don’t have one, please contact the live chat on the lower right of the screen.
4. Check “Agree Terms of Service” and click “Sign up” to submit and you’re done.

After your registration, you may log in using the account you just created, the minimum deposit amount is ₱200, and you are accessible to all the TMTPLAY games.

5 features of TMTPLAY

If you are looking for a suitable online casino, TMTPLAY has 5 features you may want to take as reference: 

1. Legit online casino
No matter how high the odds and how fancy the bonus is, players are still afraid to deposit real money into the online casino, they think they will have the risk of not taking any peso back. But in TMTPLAY, every amount of your money can be cashed out as real money as we are a legal online casino.

2. Fast registration and convenient deposit:
It’s very easy to sign up in TMTPLAY, will only take you 30 seconds to complete. You are also able to deposit by Gcash. These will make your casino experience smooth and please.

3. Multiple game choices to meet player needs
A top-class casino will definitely take the needs of players into consideration. A variety of games is a necessary need, which means that players can choose games that suits them, and they will not feel bored while playing.

4. Male and female players are 1:1
Most online casino players are male, in TMTPLAY, it is half and half. We have a private community that allows our members to socialize with each other, exchange experiences and strategies. Make more friends on TMTPLAY.

5. Jackpot
TMTPLAY has a variety of Jackpots, so the probability of winning is higher than any other online casino. As long as you play the designated machine, you will have the opportunity to win the Jackpot!

TMTPLAY owns the best earning slot machine

Players are likely to choose the most profitable slot machines. High RTP, low qualification to entry free games, and even the game reputation. Players can meet all of these elements at TMTPLAY’s slot machines! No matter which slot machine you play at TMTPLAY, in fact, it is already the one with a higher chance of winning. The popular slot machine brands currently in the Philippines are JILI, Fa Chai, Evolution, Play8, BNG, Play’n GO, JDB. TMTPLAY editor team reviews all of them and gathers the best quality machines on the site.

Not only the high winning chance, but the slot machines are also in various themes, including fruits, ancient Egyptian, Pharaoh, Cleopatra, animals, treasures, and even some unique one: Oriental style, candy, sexy, cute, boxing, Aladdin, mythology, mermaid, pirate, sports, poker, TV, movies and other like European and American styles. You can definitely find what suits your taste and have fun!


You will have a lot of ways to deposit and cash out on TMTPLAY. Such as credit card, bank transfer, e-wallet, prepaid card, or GCASH, our customer service will offer you details if you want to

Firstly, you need to at least deposit ₱200 at TMTPLAY, then you can get access to all the games.

Slot machine are currently the most popular ones, followed by poker games such as blackjack and baccarat. The reason, why slot machines are so popular, is because of their fast and simple gameplay, and not too many strategies to study.

You can play all of TMTPLAY’s games on almost all devices: desktop, mobile, tablet, without any problems.

It is totally safe to play on our legal online casino, our internet security will also ensure your user information.